Disabling animations when running Android instrumented tests

A reliable and extensible approach

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  1. Replace a standard AndroidJUnitRunner with a custom test runner that extends from it.
  2. Add a test runner delegate that will be triggered at the beginning/end of the test run.
  3. Use Espresso's UiAutomation.executeShellCommand() in a test runner delegate to read and modify device animation settings.

Step 1: Custom Test Runner

testInstrumentationRunner androidx.test.runner.AndroidJUnitRunner
CustomAndroidTestRunner template
testInstrumentationRunner full.package.name.of.your.CustomTestRunner

Step 2: Test Runner Delegates

CustomAndroidTestRunner implementation

Step 3: AnimationsTestRunnerDelegate

.executeShellCommand("%some command%")
"settings get global animator_duration_scale""settings put global animator_duration_scale $value""settings put global transition_animation_scale $value""settings put global window_animation_scale $value"
AnimationsTestRunnerDelegate that enables/disables device animations




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